We create customised websites and mobile applications supported by digital marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C Fintech businesses. Using a data driven, structured approach because we know that by understanding the behaviour of your customers, we deliver a website that supports your business goals.

Our focus is on B2B businesses in the Fintech and Financial sectors, where we can add even more value with industry experience as well as building a fully conversion rate optimised product that provides the foundation to your success online.



  • Traditional website design/redesign contracts
  • Growth Driven Design website design/redesign
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Responsive as Standard
  • On Page SEO Optimisation
  • Data Driven Growth
  • Monthly Payments
  • Specialists in WordPress, .net, ruby, Hubspot COS, Magento, Shopify
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Once you build a website you need to promote it. There are a number of ways that you can do this, but we work with the Inbound Marketing methodology which sounds like something scary but actually is a fantastic way to build a solid lead funnel through marketing automation and help turn that into revenue.

Utilising proven methods and strategy, Modedaweb can really add value to any partnership we engage with and not only do we cover Financial Technology (Fintech/Instech) but we also have great experience in Finance, Technology, Construction & Property and Travel and Hospitality.

  • Services we provide are:
    • Hubspot Platform Management
    • Content Marketing Strategy and Implementation
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Blog Articles
    • SEO on-page/off-page
    • Content Personalisation
    • Social Outreach
    • Marketing Packages
    • LinkedIn and Twitter for Business
    • Strategy
    • Paid Search
    • Buyer Persona Development
    • Training
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Most businesses assume that their responsive designed website offers their website visitors a true mobile experience and in truth it doesn’t. Yes, the website fluidly adjusts to the screen of the mobile device the website is being viewed on. Be that a mobile phone tablet or laptop, but there is a vast difference between the experience a mobile app offers over a mobile website.

Human nature in the age of technology is instant demand. We don’t want to wait for information when search engines deliver the information readily and they are available on your phone. However, this is a lengthy process on a mobile device and this is why we have our favourite brands apps on our phones, because we don’t want to access our mobile browser type a website url (domain) and load the site. It’s lengthy!

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A great app just has the core offers from the brand ensuring I can quickly get from that app what I need immediately, rather than navigating a responsive mobile menu.

  • Mobile IOS, Android and HTML5 apps
  • Analytics
  • Push Notifications
  • Segmentation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Contact Forms
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Location Services
  • Messaging
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